Week 2, Part 2

My writing environment fluctuates based on what I’m working on for the day or how much motivation I need. Let me break it down for you:


If the task I’m doing is writing there’s really only one thing I need, a computer. Heck, in a pinch, I’ve even written by hand in a notebook that I carry in my purse. But, in a perfect situation here’s what I’d have to write.

  • Computer 
  • My outline (on paper for this particular work-in-progress)
  • Reference documents (family trees for Fraun, thesaurus, a couple of reference websites on writing with color and flair, maybe even my old notes)
  • Music (I start an iTunes genius based on a song that captures the mood for the scene I’m working on)
  • Coffee or water


If my task is editing everything changes. I need a totally different vibe for editing than I do for writing. 

  • The story I’m editing (print for the first edits, digital for final edits)
  • Sticky Notes (various colors and sizes)
  • Pens (at least two in various colors)
  • A notebook for any big notes
  • Highlighter (various colors)
  • Large space to spread all this stuff out 
  • Good lighting, preferably sunlight 
  • Reference materials (my outline, character notes, dictionary, and thesaurus usually)
  • Silence or classical music (words mess me up when I’m editing)
  • Water


Honestly, I can work almost anywhere. If I’m home I usually write at my desk. If I need a change of scenery for motivational purposes I will take the laptop out to either a coffee shop or a library. For editing I typically sprawl out at my kitchen table, although I’ve been known to tackle editing on my back porch as well. 

Basically, I do what I need to do to keep the words flowing. What about you? Where are you most productive? Tell me in the comments.

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