Second Person Challenge

Recently on my YouTube channel I promised to post a short story or selection using second person point of view. Below, you’ll find that post. As always, be cool and don’t steal.

If you decide to take up the challenge as well drop a link to your own short story or selection in the comments.

You push open the heavy wooden door and enter at the foot of the old stadium seating. The room has the same floor style as the new gymnasium, hard basketball flooring that echoes with each step you take. The windows along the top of the walls allow the harsh yellow sunlight to filter into the room. In the very center of the gym floor, Annabeth stands with her hands burrowed deep in her pockets. You cross the room with slow steps. “You get a message too?” Annabeth hollers.

“Yup.” You hold up the single sheet of paper.

Meet in the old gym at 3:30.
Don’t be late!

“Who’s it from?” she asks you.

You shrug. The handwriting isn’t any you recognize and it’s not signed. Really you only came out of curiosity. You expected to find a friend, maybe, or an admirer. You expected to laugh at a joke or smile at an explanation for the odd meeting. You certainly didn’t expect to find Annabeth, who you haven’t talked to in years. “What does your note say?” You ask as you finally reach her and see her eyes fall to your own note.

“Same as you.” She slips a folded sheet of notebook paper out of her back pocket and hands it to you. Not knowing what else you should do with it, you unfold it and read.

The same slanted handwriting. The same cryptic message.

It all seemed so innocent when you left last period today. Expecting that joke made it seem funny. Suddenly, it seems more ominous. “No one else is here, right? You haven’t seen or heard anyone but me?” you ask.

Annabeth shakes her head, sending her dark curls bouncing around her shoulders. “Nope, not a noise. But it’s weird the door was unlocked, right?”

“Definitely.” You let the silence fill the room as you strain your ears for any other sounds. The air conditioner must be on, because you can hear the sound of the air moving. The fluorescent lights in here make an odd sort of humming noise. Other than that and the sound of the two of you breathing, everything is quiet.

“Alright, well, I’m not standing here all day,” Annabeth says. “If you have no idea what this was about, I’m going home.” She grabs her backpack and crosses the gym floor much faster than you did. “See ya,” she calls over her shoulder.

Then, it’s just you, standing in an old gymnasium waiting for someone who left you an anonymous note.

Here’s the YouTube video where I mentioned the challenge. Subscribe for more!

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