March Wrap-Up and April Goals

March Wrap-Up
  • Write 500 Words (per day)
    • FAILED
    • I averaged 427 words per day.
    • I wrote a grand total of 13,267 words this month despite being in serious editing mode on 2 books and subbing full-time in a 4th grade classroom.
    • My best day was March 21st with 3,422 words.
  • Read 100 pages (per day)
    • I averaged 119 pages per day.
    • I read a grand total of 3,695 pages in March.
  • Edit 1 Chapter per day
    • I averaged 1.29 chapters per day.
    • I made two full editing passes EACH on Redeeming Jordyn (coming out April 23rd) and Projection (my YA sci-fi coming out this year)
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
    • FAILED
    • I posted one, Push Away on March 18th
  • YouTube Channel
    • I posted videos every Tuesday. Have you subscribed yet?

This month also had some WINS that were not necessarily planned or listed as a goal.

  • Redeeming Jordyn became a preorder title (click on SHOP to order your autographed copy in advance of the April 23rd release)
  • My editor for my YA sci-fi book baby gave me some great comments (including “I had to read this chapter again because I got wrapped up and forgot to edit.”) and thinks we’re about finished with editing rounds.
  • I successfully subbed for 4th grade without any major incidents or problems. Although, admittedly, I’ve been struggling to balance subbing and writing and cannot believe I ever wrote multiple books while teaching full time.
April Goals

My April goals have to stay pared down a little (lot) because the maternity leave continues for three more weeks. I’d like to say I’ll find the balance better this month, but no promises.

  • Write 500 Word (per day)
  • Read 100 Pages (per day)
  • Edit 1 Chapter per day
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
  • Post new videos to the YouTube channel on Tuesdays
Writing Games

This month I’m only focusing on ONE writing game over on Twitter. However, there will be days when I post answers that relate to multiple works-in-progress. It’ll be a great way for you to check in on Tanya and Angela (from my Magical YA fantasy), Jordyn (YAY), and maybe even Emma (from Projection, which will be out this year).

  • #authorconfession

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