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Trying to decide what kind of man to put into a book for a heroine’s love interest can be odd.  Would she be the kind to fall for the nerdy guy?  Would she, instead, want the bad-boy?  Too often I think we find ourselves writing more than one story with a similar hero.  I know I fall into that trap.  Today I’m hashing out new story ideas.  I’m thinking of new characters.  I’m trying not to fall into the trap of writing about that perfect guy again…the one who everyone else claims doesn’t exist.  My problem is I’m married to THAT guy.

Warning: Mushy content ahead
Warning: Mushy content ahead

The one who loves techie tools.  Who never lets an upgrade pass him by for his cell phone.  Who wants the new toy when it comes out.  Who walks through electronic aisles for fun on a Saturday.

I’m married to THAT guy.

The one who makes you belly laugh until your eyes water at any and every family gathering.  He will tell a joke with perfect timing.  He will go all Jim Carrey on you, contorting his body for the best joke.  He will try almost anything for a laugh.

I am married to THAT guy.

The one who sometimes forgets chores but never, ever forgets us.  The one who isn’t perfect, but loves imperfect me just the way I am.  The one who sometimes says the wrong thing, but more often says exactly the right thing.  The one who is strong whenever I can’t be.

I am married to THAT guy.

The perfect Dad for my kiddos.  My best friend.  My partner in crime.  The love of my life.

I am married to THAT guy.

The perfect hero for my story.  The one that convinces me all your fantastic heroes are real people, or could be.  So when I write about a guy who makes a girl swoon at first sight, it’s not always fantasy folks.  They exist.

I am married to THAT guy.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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