This post has nothing to do with reading or writing.  I’ll get back to that another time.  This is a worthwhile interruption.

Today my heart is with the loved ones of the ten lives lost in Oregon yesterday.

The LA Times reports that there has been, on average, one school shooting per week since Sandy Hook in 2012.  It’s fast becoming terrifying to get up in the morning, get myself dressed, and head off to work in a school.  I have watched schools, like my own, beef up security.  I have watched as lawmakers debate gun control laws and arming teachers.

Teachers may not be your most highly regarded profession or the people you think of as the smartest, but we do know one thing.  If you continue to see an up-rise in a certain behavior, something is wrong.  If you try something to fix it and you see the problem continue or increase then the solution didn’t work.  I don’t have the magic answer to this epidemic, if I may be allowed to call it that, but I hope one arises soon.

We can’t afford more innocent lives lost at a place they should feel safe.

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