If you don’t divide your large goals up into milestones and check progress often, how do you ever hope to accomplish anything?  In the interest of holding myself accountable, here’s my progress:

  • 1 romance novel-still stalled out in editing.  Something doesn’t feel right.  I’ve shelved it for now.  Will tackle again soon (that’s the rather ethereal soon, with no actual date in mind.  It likely means not yet)
  • 1 high fantasy and it’s sequel-completely edited.  Recently discovered a small error in punctuation.  Seriously hoping it didn’t run all of both books.  Will have to crack those open again and double check.  Not looking forward to that, but they’re good stories so I must not let them die by punctuation.
  • 1 YA scifi-just finished the first edit.  Passing them along to my expert and a beta reader today.  Stressing about word count and the possibility of having to query, but it’s good!
  • Several half written old stories that I could/should really dig out and look at again.  You know the ones from before I decided to make a go at this.
  • About 5 ideas in the raw idea bank which could, at any time, spring to life and take over my google drive (like the last one did)

All in all, it’s progress and I’m happy with it.  Thanks for all the encouragement!

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