It's been a long journey but my young adult science fiction novel has an official title, a cover, and a release date!!! The official Twitter release by my publishing company, Phoenix Manifest, went up this morning To celebrate, I'm reblogging the post where we first met Emma. I can't wait for you all to meet... Continue Reading →

Push Away

I have a character in a current work-in-progress who makes the observation that "sometimes when you push someone away, they actually go." It sparked a poem. Enjoy! (But, as always, don't steal. Be cool.) One day you'll open those eyes and I won't be there.One day you'll come home famished but There won't be food.One... Continue Reading →


Today's post is going to include a work of fiction pulled word-for-word from my idea journal.

For Fraun Sake

You asked how many of my old blog posts were secretly (or not-so-secretly) about Breaking Eselda or the Kingdom of Fraun series as a whole.

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