Platonic Intimacy

Recently on Twitter, I saw a few people talking about platonic intimacy.

Twitter, 2019

It sparked a wildfire in my brain and basically solved a huge mystery about why some of my favorite people and characters are actually my favorites. They are the ones who aren’t afraid to think about other people and connect with other people.

Today, let’s talk about Jordyn.

He’s one of my favorite characters from my Kingdom of Fraun series. 

In the beginning of the series, which starts with Breaking Eselda, Jordyn is best described as socially awkward. He fires questions at people at the speed of his curiosity and scenes with him touching other people are literally absent. As the book progresses, Jordyn and Eselda become friends. Eselda was raised in a realm where people communicate with love and are expressive with their emotions. Jordyn is a fast learner. We quickly see him adopt this manner of intimate gestures, but only with Eselda. 

Breaking Eselda, 2018

While holding hands may not seem like a big deal to some people, for Jordyn this is all new. Throughout the rest of the book we see Jordyn continuing this intimacy only with Eselda, who he develops serious feelings for. 

The interesting thing, in my opinion, comes when we adopt Jordyn’s point of view for book 2. It becomes clear as we move through Redeeming Jordyn (book 2) that he is realizing this level of platonic intimacy is not only normal, but wonderful. It renews him and gives him strength. 

Redeeming Jordyn, 2019

Jordyn relishes this new lesson, spending the rest of the book clearly showing his emotion for people he cares for in platonic ways. He lays his hands on the shoulders of friends, shares hobbies with people, genuinely listens to their tales, and basically just practices being a good friend. 

For me this was a great way to explore found family, love, and friendship. For Jordyn, it is life changing. 

So let’s hear from you. Do you want your characters (that you read or write) to show their love for friends and family as well as for love interests? 

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