I found this little random musing about chaos buried in a draft. I’m editing it out today because it didn’t add anything to the scene. But you should at least get a chance to read it. As always, comments welcome.

There are times in your life when everything goes smoothly. You arrive at work on time, you deal with only minor problems and give yourself confidence by solving them, you remember to eat. I always think I don’t appreciate those days enough. Those days are the days that pass in clumps, stuck together and blending into one single memory.

Then there are times when everything seems to be going wrong. Accidents or emergencies arise, traffic makes you late, you miss lunch because you’re too busy trying to solve a problem whose solution is eluding you. Those are the days you can always remember. They’re the ones that cause sleepless nights. They bring about more days like them the more you agonize over the way you handled yourself.

Why is it we take the smooth days for granted? Why is it that we can never appreciate them until we’re in the midst of chaos?

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