September Statistics

If you’re looking for individual statistics for September or to check on my progress with my goals for 2019, check out this video.

As promised in the video above let’s dig into the comparison between August and September’s reading statistics.


As you can see my total books read continued its trend and fell even further in September. I really need to figure that out! My total pages dropped, which means I can’t even blame it on the length of the books. With it, my pages fell below my goal.

That 25% independently published is a drop, but it continues to meet my personal goal of reading 2 books per month that are independently published.


September was, apparently, the reading books by female authors month. Meaning, for the two month total woman authors are now pulling a commanding lead. I honestly don’t really pay attention to the gender of the author when I put a book on my TBR or select a book to read next. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out for the entire year.

Age Categories

The more I look at the type of graph I chose for this one the more I realize I do have a book type. If you consider the fact that the age category normally corresponds to the age of the main character you’ll notice the trend seems to be the older the main character, the more likely I am to read the book. Strange.


Unlike in August, nothing took a commanding lead in September. September was a mixed bag where I read a little of everything. It made for a satisfying reading month, I think, because I didn’t feel stuck in one type of book.

Release Years

As I mentioned in the video, this graph is my favorite. Look at the difference! In August (blue) I had a nice curve going with a maximum in books from 2010-2018. In September (purple) that took a huge turn with most of the books I read being from 2019. When you combine the two months 2010-2018 is still in the lead, but 2019 is closing in. Impressive, considering one of those is a 9 year span and the other is only 9 months (so far).

Star Rating

I felt more satisfied with my reading in September, but it looks like it wasn’t because of a lack of didn’t love category books. My hypothesis is that it’s actually because of a lack of books that fall into the middle (forgettable, eh) category. I read more books in September that I have a strong opinion about one way or the other, and that made for a satisfactory reading experience.

Looking Forward

Nothing to do but to look onto October, right?

What’s at the top of your TBR for October?

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