For Fraun Sake

You asked how many of my old blog posts were secretly (or not-so-secretly) about Breaking Eselda or the Kingdom of Fraun series as a whole. Well, for Fraun sake, I’ve compiled them all into a list for you.


This one was about my beloved villain, the dark King, the faceless evil guy. He makes his first appearance in Breaking Eselda Chapter 5.

A Poem

At the time of posting this I didn’t share with you who the character was. It didn’t seem important. But if you’re geeking out on all things Fraun…this one was a Jordyn original. Enjoy.

Point of View

Yup, originally Breaking Eselda was not in first person. Eselda wasn’t telling the story and it didn’t have the same title. Here’s a little post about what we gained when the switch happened.

Point of View 2

Oh boy, this one contains a hint about who tells the story for book 2. Guesses?

Sometimes You Need to Let it Breathe 

You wouldn’t be reading about Fraun if this hadn’t happened. This is what got me fired up about self-publishing because you needed this story.


All things I googled in the writing of this series.


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