I’ve created literally hundreds of characters since starting this writing journey. Main characters, antagonists, side characters, background characters. They’re all there, in my head. I flush them out and imagine their backstories. I give them details that may or may not be needed for the stories I’m telling. I know all about them.

I’m also an avid reader. In the course of my lifetime, I’ve read hundreds of thousands of books. There are characters that will stay with you forever, ones that you will never be able to turn off. They become real to you. You know everything about them.

A Few of My Personal Favorites

Today I’m thinking about character. I realize there are a lot of things I really love about some of them. Things that make them just POP for me. Things that make them a favorite, no matter how small their role is.

Traits I Love

  • Smart
  • Snarky/Sarcastic
  • Imperfect/Flawed
  • Determined
  • Creative

What about you? When you think about characters you LOVE, what do they have in common? Let me know in the comments!

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