January Wrap Up and February Goals


  • Write 1,400 Words (per day)
    • I averaged 1,525 words per day in January
    • Best Day: January 24 with 6,318 words written
    • Grand Total: 47,276 words
  • Read 140 Pages (per day)
    • I averaged 141 pages per day in January
    • Best Day: January 10 with 410 pages read
    • Grand Total: 4,382 pages
  • Edit 1 Chapter per day
    • I averaged 1.8 chapters per day in January
    • Best Day: January 28 with 12 chapters edited
    • Grand Total: 56 chapters
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
    • I posted Rush Hour Commute on January 8th, Ghost on January 17th, and New Teacher on January 28th.


  • Write 1,500 Words (per day)
    • I said I would increase this one if I met it two months in a row. I’m going to hate myself for this because I’m done with Book 4 in the Fraun series and entering serious editing mode, but oh well.
  • Read 140 pages (per day)
    • I’m keeping this one the same because one month is not enough. Honestly, this goal is already pretty high. I’m not sure I’ll ever increase this one.
  • Edit 2 Chapters per day
    • This has to increase because, as I mentioned, I’m in serious editing mode.
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
    • I’m keeping this one because my goal is 24 for the year, which is 2 per month.
  • YouTube Channel


  • #characterchaos is making a comeback this month. Fraun fans, you’re gonna want to get a Twitter account and look for these. I’m bringing Jordyn, Eselda, and Tutor into the (figurative) room to answer all month long on the topic of LOVE. Fraun help us, I hope they all come out alive. If you check them out I’d love for you to hit that love button, retweet, or comment!
  • #heroesandvillains is a new game I’m trying in February. I’ll be digging into my hero (Jordyn) and my villain for this one. You can learn a little about them. Maybe, like me, you’ll be intrigued by how similar they actually are.
  • #WIPjoy is another new one I’m diving into. This one explores a bunch of aspects of my WIP. I’m also going to play this one with Redeeming Jordyn because it’s the one I’m buried in at the moment! Look for lines, character insights, and world building questions.
  • #authorconfession is probably the game I’m most consistent with. I love the questions and the interaction with the other writers. If you’re a writer, check this one out. This month they’re featuring a player every day and I’m February 12th! FUN 😉

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