From the beginning of this blog, I’ve talked about multiple books I have written. The YA Fantasy (which you now know was titled Breaking Eselda) was published in 2018. Its sequel will be available in April of 2019. The YA fantasy I was first working on (that subsequently stalled for a while) went on to become 30 Days Without Wings and was also published in 2018.

Besides those books, two others have been with me since the beginning. The romance, which I’ve admitted to shelving in anticipation of the day when I can look at it again with fresh eyes, and the YA Science Fiction.

I’m pleased to announce that my perseverance and willingness to try new things has paid off. My YA Science Fiction will ALSO be published in 2019. I have signed with a brand new company, Phoenix Manifest Publishing, to bring this book baby to life.

I’ll be sure to bring breaking details to you as I have them. Thank you all for your (continued and amazing) support.

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