A Dog’s Day

Wow, it’s almost the end of the month and I haven’t posted my short excerpts or stories for February. I’ve actually written a few of them, just haven’t had a chance to post! So today I’m going to share one. This is a little bit of what I imagine goes through my own doggo’s head during the day. As always, be cool and don’t steal.

The people have left again. They do this every single day. I have tried everything to get them to stay but they don’t seem to understand. It’s ok. I know now that they’ll be back. Every day they go off and every day they come back. It’s like magic. Plus, when the boy comes back, I always get a treat if I was good. He makes a big show of walking around the house, checking for things I may have chewed up or peed on. I walk with him, just to make sure he doesn’t forget why he’s walking. Then we go to the kitchen and I get a treat. It’s been a really long time since he had to yell at me for something instead of giving me the treat. I don’t like to disappoint him.

While they’re gone, I have important things to do. I have to keep the house safe. There are birds outside that want to eat my food and cause problems. I have to chase them down. They usually try three or four times in one day. One time, a long time ago, I let one of them come in my dog door. I didn’t really know they weren’t allowed in. I didn’t want him eating my food, but I figured it was ok as long as he didn’t do that. The people were not happy about that bird in the house, There was a lot of screaming when they came home because they had to get him to go back outside. He didn’t want to just fly out the easy way either. It was not good. I don’t let them come inside anymore.

I also get to lie on the couch when the people aren’t home. I’m not supposed to be on the couch. I know that because they tell me all the time. If they catch me up there they kick me off. Except for the little one. She will sit right there like she doesn’t mind. Sometimes she even pets my head or scratches my ears while we sit on the couch. She lets me on her bed too, even though I’m not supposed to be up there too much either. During the day I climb up on the couch a lot. I think they know I do it, because they always see the pillows I toss on the floor. But they can’t prove it, maybe.

There’s also a neighbor guy that I don’t like who lives next door. We share a fence with him. He makes a lot of noise and kicks up a lot of dirt. I don’t understand why he has to make so much noise back there. One time he even had water that he was spraying and he sprayed it over the fence at me. I’m not his biggest fan. During the day I have to bark at him a lot. He is home during the day sometimes and I just have to remind him that I’m watching him. I think he understands.

It’s also my job to make sure I drink all of my water. The boy fills it in the morning and the girl fills it in the afternoon. If I don’t drink it all gone before they get home, it’s not fair! Then the girl never has to fill it. I know she likes to do that for me. So I drink all my water during the day. That’s my job.

I also have a job to wake up the kids in the morning. This year they go alarm clocks that do that job for me, which is sad. Sometimes I still get to go into their rooms and give them little kisses to say good morning. I think they like that. I think it’s their favorite part of the morning. I know it’s my favorite part.

The doggo who inspired the story, employing puppy dog eyes to convince me to let him help wrap presents. December 2018

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