February Wrap Up and March Goals


  • Write 1,500 Words (per day)
    • FAILED
    • I averaged 1,136 words per day.
    • I wrote a grand total of 31,810 words this month despite traveling for my son’s hockey, being in editing mode, and being sick.
    • My best day was February 7th with 4,910 words.
  • Read 140 pages (per day)
    • I averaged 146 pages per day.
    • I read a grand total of 4,095 pages in January.
    • My best day was February 28th with 336 pages (because I read The Girl Before in ONE DAY!)
  • Edit 2 Chapters per day
    • I averaged 2 chapters per day.
    • I edited a grand total of 57 chapters.
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
    • FAILED
    • I posted one, A Dog’s Day on February 22nd
  • YouTube Channel


My March goals are going to have to be pared down a little (lot) because I’ve agreed to substitute for someone’s maternity leave. I’m excited to be able to do that for her. I’m still committed to getting my writing done, but I’m allowing myself to trim it down.

  • Write 500 Word (per day)
  • Read 100 Pages (per day)
  • Edit 1 Chapter per day
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the blog
  • Post new videos to the YouTube channel on Tuesdays


This month I’m returning to the fantasy WIP starring two hard headed and opinionated girls who are competing for a magical job. I think I’ve finally figured out their ending and my goal is to finish this WIP in March. I’ll be playing my Twitter games with them in mind.

  • #authorconfession
  • #characterchaos

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