2022 Book Review: All His Pretty Girls

All His Pretty Girls by Charly Cox A Mystery/Thriller, 2019 by Hera Books, 343 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Some errors. Not a lot by any stretch and definitely didn’t affect the readability. But I think I caught 1 or 2 small errors in grammar. Unbelievable stretch. Then again maybe not. I don’t know, people are... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Heroes

Heroes Heroes by Brendan Cupp (Editor) A Anthology, 2022 from Lost Boys Press, 385 Pages What I Didn’t Like: As with any anthology, there are a few stories that weren’t really my style. But I’m sure that’s different than the ones that would be YOUR style … and that’s the beauty of anthologies. There were definitely... Continue Reading →

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