Shhh, I'm reading.
Shh, I’m reading.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I love my readers!  Okay so at this point I only have beta readers, but they are amazing!  Seriously.  Allow me to explain why.

Have you ever watched a movie that you LOVED?  What do you do afterwards?  Well if you’re anything like me you tell EVERYONE you know to watch it.  When you find someone else who HAS watched it and loved it as much as you…that’s like gold!  You sit down and talk with them about every character you loved, every character you hated, and every scene you cannot forget.  You quote the movie.  You just talk movie.

Well my own books are kind of like that for me.  Those characters are like little actors in my head.  Sometimes they are rehearsing scenes.  Sometimes they are just cued up, ready to jump into whichever scene I call out.  Either way I love them all (honestly I’ve discovered I even love the ones I’m supposed to hate, but that’s another blog post for another time).  So when a reader picks up my book and wants to talk about it with me…I love it!  Those conversations are like a drug, I have to have it!

Only a reader can love your story like you do.  Only a reader will remember the characters forever like you will.  Only a reader can pay you the courtesy of telling you what they really think.  They take the risk of this story becoming an obsession for them too.

For that, thanks readers.  Even if you’re not reading my stuff (ahem-yet), you’re reading someone’s and so you rock.

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