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A traditional Rubik's Cube
A traditional Rubik’s Cube

My husband and I were watching an episode of America’s Got Talent last night (we watch it on Hulu, I have no idea when the episode actually aired) and it led to an interesting thought pattern on my part.  Are there talents out there in the world that are basically useless?  The kinds of things that will never get you recognition.  The kind that will never get you on a competition show.  The kind you only pull out at random parties or events to show off.

Here’s some fun random talents either my husband or I possess.

Solving a Rubik’s Cube

We can both solve one.  Not fast enough to be considered for a speed competition.  Just basic solve.  In fact we can solve a 2×2 and a 4×4 cube also.  As party tricks go this one is pretty cool.

Naming all the Countries in the World

Thanks to http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name.php I also happen to know I can name them all in less than twelve minutes.  Random indeed.

Labeling all the Countries in the World on a Map

Okay this one is harder, but related.  Really I only bust this one out to impress Junior High kids learning the map.

Writing Perfect Cursive

Yeah like the stuff they wanted you to learn in school.  The stuff you never use.  Seriously my cursive handwriting looks like the stuff you’d find on those old posters in school.

Now it’s your turn.  I’m dying to know what other random talents exist out there in the world.  I have a feeling some of my characters will end up with these talents in the future!  I can’t wait to read about yours.

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