I have been having this recurring dream lately.  I wake up in the morning, before the alarm clock, no clues about what may have caused me to wake up.  In that exact second, I can remember the entire dream.  I wonder why I have been having the same dream.  I want to close my eyes and fall back into it.  I want to play it out.


This morning it occured to me that I should write a story about it.  I should write down the dream, play it out, and write the story. It’s obviously coming to me over and over again because it wants me to write it out.  The characters are begging me to write their tale.


But then it begins to fade.  Little by little the details drip out of my memory until they’re gone.  I can’t remember what I dreamt about at all.  I can’t remember if it was in a house or a campground.  I can’t remember if it was a lady, a man, kids, or animals.  I can’t recall a single detail.


Tonight I hope I’ll dream the dream again.  I hope I’ll have that time when I realize it’s the same dream.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll even have enough to write down in the morning.


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