Stream of Consciousness

I have five minutes.

I shouldn’t start something.  I only have five minutes.

I can probably write something, if I write it fast.

My hair is in my way.  I need a haircut.

Alright, I need a brilliant idea.  Of course I only have four minutes in which to turn said brilliant idea into writing.

Four minutes.  That’s a good amount of time.  Here we go.  Create post.

What could I write about?

It’s kind of cold in here, I should find a sweater.

Alright, three minutes left.  But I’m in my sweater now, so all good.  Cozy and warm. Wonderful.

What should I write about?  Let’s see, I could start a new story.  Something about a magic plot of land.  Maybe when you plant something there it instantly grows to full size.  Drop an orange seed and BOOM orange tree.  But what are the limits of said land?  (Two minute left, I should hurry).  Can you, for example, drop an entire apple and create a tree or must it be the seed?

Alright will jot down this idea for future, seeing as I only have one minute left of my break.

And…time’s up!  Thanks for spending my break with me, folks.

Hope your day is well!

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