Progress Update

Hello, everyone.

It’s been a little (long) while since I updated you on where I am in my writing. The safe reason for that is I was wrapped up in publishing Breaking Eselda and 30 Days Without Wings. But the longer (and more vulnerable) answer has something to do with judging myself for the slow progress lately.

That’s just silly, you are my tribe (and some of you are fans) so I owe you accountability. You won’t judge. Here’s the update.


Kingdom of Fraun

  • You’re aware Breaking Eselda is the first in a series, so what’s up with the rest of the series?
  • Book 2 (Redeeming Jordyn) is DONE. I’m happy with it and all the beta readers who have had a go at it are happy with it. I’m hoping you’ll see this one in print and be able to buy it in 2019. I’m aware fans would like SOONER rather than later, so I’m working on that for you.
  • Book 3 is DONE. Betas have it now. Wouldn’t it be nice to aim for 2020 and be releasing a book per year on this one?
  • Book 4 has some basic ideas but no outline yet. I had to take a step away from Fraun for awhile, really let Book 3 sink in. I’ll come back to it, don’t worry.

30 Days Without Wings

  • Paperback is coming in September! If you’re interested in owning a copy (or an autographed copy) make sure you’ve liked the Facebook page @AuthorTabathaShipley before September 4th. I’m going live over there on 9/4 to give you information about release dates.
  • I will want some reviewers to read this one (end of September, maybe) so contact me if you’re interested.

YA Science Fiction

  • It’s done! I’m actually looking into the traditional route with this one, but I’m not opposed to self-publishing if that gets it in your hands. I’d love to see this one available in 2019.
  • I’m open to a critique partner with this one, so if you’re an author who also published YA Science Fiction, send me a message if you’re interested in swapping manuscripts.


  • This remains my first (and only) attempt at writing something that isn’t YA.
  • It’s done (I think).
  • I haven’t taken a serious look at this one in a really long time. I may do that (some day) and see what I think.
  • For now, it’s shelved.

Shiny New WIP

  • That’s what I call this one over on Twitter (@ShipleyTabatha). Basically it’s a(nother) YA Fantasy, this time involving magic. It doesn’t have a name (yet).
  • I’ve been focused on this one for the month of August, but I was so frustrated with the progress. Angela and Tanya (the main characters) were plenty vocal and giving me lots of scenes, but the scenes were all out of order. For a solid planner, like me, that was frustrating. I needed this to be linear.
  • I’m happy to tell you that they finally cooperated today. I was able to get the entire plot outlined! YAY. That means I’m full steam ahead on this one now. Who knows, maybe it will even have a title soon!

Anyway, that’s really it from me (I think). I have a few half ideas floating around here that I may grab onto and turn into something awesome in the future. For now, that’s my update.


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