Grocery Shopping

I’m about to talk about something rather boring, grocery shopping. Sorry ahead of time if I bore you. Basically, here’s the deal, I bought two products recently from Amazon to make grocery shopping easier. Every single time I have grocery shopped with them I’ve been stopped and asked questions. So I assume people are interested. Here’s some of the questions I’ve been asked, along with my answers.

Reusable Shopping Cart Bags (Amazon, $26.99)

  • Do they work?
    • That’s a weird question. They’re bags. They hold things. So…yes?
  • Don’t they get heavy?
    • They can. I’m very careful about how I fill them. Milk and other big, heavy things never go in the biggest bag. I am able to carry all the bags and haven’t had trouble yet. PLUS think about how many “regular” bags you’re willing to carry at once just to save a trip in the house. Compared to that…no, they don’t get heavy.
  • Are they good quality?
    • YES. The bags are sturdy and the plastic rods that hold them on the cart are flexible enough that you can whack them on the door and they don’t break. The big one also has little pockets on the inside for bottles of wine or something similarly shaped yet responsible, I’m sure.
  • Do you like them?
    • Love them. Even if it makes you all stop and ask me questions in the store because I look like I know what I’m doing.
  • Why don’t you just use the free ones?
    • I haven’t used “free” ones in a really long time, honestly. I used the other kind of reusable ones before this. These are larger and since my store has Scan, Bag, and Go this is incredibly convenient.


Reusable Produce Bags (Amazon, $13.99)

  • Do they work?
    • Yup. They are easy to clean, keep my produce fresher than the stupid plastic bags, and are easy to open and close.
  • Why are they different colors?
    • I have no idea. I’m sure you could decide to use certain colors for certain things. I personally just pay attention to the size and not the colors.
  • Are they good quality?
    • Yup. I have only had 1 (out of maybe 15) have the string break. It’s still totally usable, I just have to be careful when I’m opening and closing it. All the bags are good quality and can handle anything I’ve put in them.
  • Can you freeze things in them?
    • Yes. I load them up with bread and freeze them all the time. They hold up much better than the plastic ones (which often break once they’ve been frozen).
  • Do you like them?
    • Love them! I would purchase them again.
  • Why don’t you just use the free ones?
    • I hate the little plastic ones. I have to take some of my produce out of the plastic right away (cilantro, green onion) because it gets slimy if I don’t. The plastic rips. The plastic fogs up sometimes, making it harder to see inside. These solved all of those problems!

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