I have always been a person who creates and adheres to schedules. I’m sure a lot of that is because, until this year, I spent my entire life in schools. I went from elementary to middle to high school to college to teaching without ever taking a year off. All of those things require schedules. While in college I also worked in retail. The manager actually put me in charge of making the schedules for our department for a little while. I’ve helped with countless school schedules. There’s something about scheduling that just makes sense to me.


I was talking to a writer friend not long ago and we had a discussion about scheduling your writing and keeping yourself from being distracted. This led to me to develop a few tips for creating a schedule for your time if you’re a writer. Here are those tips. Take what you need, maybe they’ll help!

  1. Schedule writing time in minutes, even if you track it in words.
  2. Set aside time for something you enjoy, like reading, otherwise it’ll always be the thing you put off.
  3. Sort household chores into categories by minutes it takes to complete them. That makes them easier to squeeze in when you have, for example, 15 free minutes.
  4. Schedule breaks. Even if you end up not needing them they’re great for days when you run over on a different task.
  5. Have a distinct start and stop time to your working day. Hold yourself to it.

That’s it! Feel free to ask questions or drop your own tips in the comments section.


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