October 2018

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We have entered my favorite season of the year and one of my favorite months. Stores will be gearing up for Halloween, carrying Reese’s pumpkins, and stocking everything Nightmare Before Christmas related. Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing (in places that are not desert landscaped), and everything is pumpkin flavored.

There's Magic in the world


This month most of my social media platforms will be focused on my work-in-progress which finally has a name. Here are some ways you can get more of this book.

Twitter (@ShipleyTabatha) 

  • I’m keeping up on #authorconfession this month. There’s a focus on VILLAINS (which are normally my favorite, but a truly bad villain doesn’t exist in this WIP so I’m stretching).
  • I’m returning to #sensationalWIP this month as well. They’ve gone back to words and away from pictures, which makes me a tad more comfortable and they’re focusing on Poe (YAY). The prompts aren’t posted ahead of time so I have no idea where we’re going. I guess we’ll find out together!
  • I’m joining in on #WIPjournal and #themerrywriter which both seem to have a lot of fun questions about my characters (and me) that make me think!

Instagram (@authortabathashipley)

  • #oktowrimo is the only one I’m doing (pictures are more of a challenge for me)

Facebook (/AuthorTabathaShipley)

  • Honestly, the breach has me super nervous. I make no promises for my Facebook this month. I’ll probably go live at some point, we shall see.

ChapterBuzz (https://www.chapterbuzz.com/author/tabathashipley)

  • I’m joining in the 10K word challenge!
  • Read some of the chapters from my newest WIP here as the month goes on!

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ALSO, I’ve taken my Patreon page LIVE. If you are looking for more FRAUN, that’s where you want to go. Each tier has EXCLUSIVE Fraun content at least once a month.



What are you all doing for October? I’d love to hear about it!


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