30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 4

There have been a lot of people in my life who inspire me. My parents (both separately and as a couple), my grandparents, my husband, a few amazing coworkers, an inspirational teacher, a girl scout leader, my children. But the person who came to mind today is young me.


I don’t think there are many people (at least not that I know of) who would look back on their childhood and say they had it easy. There are always bullies, challenges, and heartbreak. As an author, it’s those moments that I weave into my characters existences. It is what shapes and defines us.

When I sit down and write I think of all the people who inspire me. Including young me. I think about how she would write for herself, at night, almost every night. She would write after a good day. She would write after a bad day. She would write when she didn’t feel like writing. She didn’t write for an audience, she wrote for herself. She wrote what she needed to write. When I weave these stories now about Eselda, Elise, or Jordyn I have no choice but to write with that same passion and focus. I write them for me. Because it’s what she’d do.

Who inspires you?

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