30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 6

Remember, if you have a blog you can play along with this writing challenge too! 

Today’s challenge asks the best ways to win my heart. Well, it’s already been done! So, for inspiration, I’m going to focus on my awesome husband and all the ways he captures my heart on a regular basis.

Make me laugh.

There’s just something cool about a person who can make you laugh, isn’t there? 

Cook for me (or take me someplace that will).


I love to cook but I also love the inspiration I get to try new foods when someone else cooks.

Do chores with me.

sharing chores
Look, you hate chores. I hate chores. Let’s at least make them bearable and fun by doing them together. Note: This is NOT us. This is a stock image.


It’s amazing what a good venting session can do for my mental health.

Buy me books.

stack of books
This probably should’ve been #1. The way to my heart is definitely paved with book glue.


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