30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 11

I have always had a rather active imagination. Not surprising, really, since I became a fantasy writer. My mind wanders constantly, often creating random “what if…” situations. I got better at writing those down as I got older. They often become the ideas for my books or scenes in a book.

Here are a few of the recent ones I’ve caught myself thinking “what if…” about:

  • What if one of my children wandered off and disappeared in a store
  • What if I got rear ended while driving
  • What if a dragon landed in my driveway
  • What if a meteor crashed into the dry river bed at the end of the street
  • What if my backyard flooded

You can see how any of these could be imagined into a book or a scene, right? Once I started learning to play these out like mini movies in my head and write them down, it was a game changer for my writing.

What about you? What are some of your crazy “what if…” things?

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