Almost There Progress Check

I’m going to check in on my goals today after the holiday break.

December Goals

  • Write 1,400 words per day. When I last checked in with you I was behind, but not giving up yet. That remains true. I actually caught up for a while but taking an extra day (yesterday) to enjoy the holidays and get errands done, I’m behind again. There’s a really fine line between being on track and being behind. Anyway, I’m sitting at 1,248 words per day (average) and need to write 5,349 words today to catch up. The first game of the hockey tournament is today, but I’m not giving up!
  • Read 140 pages per day. I think, last time we checked, I was close on this one. Not so at this point in time. I didn’t read on Christmas or yesterday. More devastating, I think, was the fact that two books in a row have been slow to move forward. This is seriously affecting my daily reading counts. Nevertheless, I’m at 129 pages per day (average) and need a monster day of 415 pages to catch up.
  • Blog 10 Times. This is actually ten. Don’t go back and count, there’s only been 8 here. The other 2 are on my book review blog.
  • Walk daily. I set myself up for success here by not including a step goal (at least not officially). I’ve registered steps every day, but not too many. I’m averaging about 5,800 a day. That’s really low for me but I’m still recovering. In fact, if I overdo it (days where I hit 7,000 steps) I feel the pressure in my knee and have to heat or ice it at night. So I’m glad I kept this one vague.

Unofficial Goals

  • Edit a chapter a day. HAHAHAHA nope. Good thing this one was unofficial because it hasn’t happened in a really really long time. Like not at all. My focus has been on writing when I sit down to work because Book 4 is just flowing. To me, that’s a good problem to have. If I get a chance to catch up on this one it would take 23 chapters to get there.
  • Tweet those writing games every day. Check (yes, even on Christmas).
  • Do a household chore every other day. So far it’s more like 20 out of the 27 days. It probably says a lot about me that this, the non work related category, is where I overachieve. I may need to start going to coffee shops to work more. I doubt I’ll get much cleaned there but I’ll hit my other goals.
  • Exercise for 15 minutes a day. Yup, no. Like I said on the walking progress overdoing it is bad for my knee. This average is shockingly low (like not even 9 minutes a day) because my watch doesn’t calculate anything as exercise anymore thanks to how slow I’m walking.

How about you? Let me know if the comments how you’re doing on your own goals.

And remember, your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.

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