December Wrap-Up and January Goals

December Wrap Up

  • Write 1,400 Words
    • I averaged 1,401 words in December
    • Best Day: December 31st with 5,068 words written
    • Grand Total: 43,431 words
  • Read 140 Pages
    • Failed (again)
    • I averaged 133 pages per day in December
    • Best Day: December 13th with 293 pages read
    • Grand Total: 4,134 pages
  • Points of Interest
    • Despite missing my reading goal for a few months there in the end I read an impressive 101 books in 2018.
    • I posted something to Twitter (again) every single day in December.
    • I met my unofficial editing goal of 1 chapter per day in December.

January Goals

  • Write 1,400 Words
    • I’m keeping this one the same because one month of hitting it is NOT enough. If I can do this two months in a row, I’ll increase it.
  • Read 140 Pages per day
    • I’m determined to his this one. When I first set it this high, I had doubts. Now I’m determined. Plus…with my yearly goal being so insanely high, I’m going to need this one.
  • Edit one Chapter per day
  • Post at least 2 short stories or scenes to the Blog.

January Twitter Games

  • #characterchaos
    • I’m excited to dive back into this one. You may remember this game involves answering as the main character for a work in progress. As anticipation for Redeeming Jordyn starts building I’ll be answering all of these as Jordyn. Enjoy
  • #WIPtechnology
    • This is a daring one for my work in progress because the people of Fraun avoid technology. It’s not that they’re not capable of it, obviously. They just believe the focus on technology was the downfall of the giants. I’ll be answering questions about the small amounts of technology they do use and you’ll get lots of answers about why they avoid it.
  • #authorconfession
    • A personal favorite game, this one is (once again) loaded with questions about me and my style.
  • #theMerryWriter
    • I’m coming back to this game again in January. Great questions for world building or for learning more about me.

2019 Goals

I’ve tried to keep my January goals in line with my 2019 goals. Here are the big ones.

  • Get Redeeming Jordyn out into the world. Don’t ask me when because I’m not sure yet. But I’m hoping to get it to you this year.
  • Projection. This is the name of my YA science fiction. I need to do something with this story this year as well. I’m not sure what yet. I’m still thinking about that.
  • Read. I’m really proud of my 101 books for 2018. My Goodreads goal was 50 books. My secret goal was 52 (1 book per week). In 2019 I’m getting crazy. I’m going to read 104 books this year. (That’s 2 per week).
  • Finish writing the entire Kingdom of Fraun series. That’s right. I’d like to finish writing and editing all 5 books. Even if I don’t release them all right away (spoiler, I don’t intend to) I’d really like to have them all written. Then I can focus on something else. Which, actually, leads me to my next goal…
  • Outline at least one WIP that isn’t Kingdom of Fraun. You gotta have something else to fall back on, right? Right.
  • Short Stories. I want to show a little love to some of my “smaller” ideas; scenes, characters, settings, etc. In 2019 I’m going to post more of those to this blog. Stay tuned!

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