April Wrap Up and May Goals

April Wrap Up
  • Write 500 Words (per day)
    • I averaged 522 words per day
    • I wrote a grand total of 15,677 words this month (despite subbing)
    • My best day was the 29th with a total of 3,306 words!
  • Read 100 Pages (per day)
    • I averaged 112 pages per day
    • I read a grand total of 9 books this month
  • Edit 1 Chapter per day
    • I averaged 1 chapter per day
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
    • I posted Beauty on 4/29 and the Second Person Challenge on 4/1
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays
    • I posted videos every Tuesday, have you subscribed yet?
  • I also had some WINS that weren’t necessarily goals.
    • Redeeming Jordyn was released on the 23rd (click shop to nab your copy)
    • I finished the first draft of my Magical YA Fantasy
  • Write 1000 words (per day)
  • Read 150 Pages (per day)
  • Edit 2 Chapters Per Day
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays
  • I’m BACK to writing full time which means I’m confident I can balance multiple games over on Twitter again. So, despite not having an active WIP right now, I’m playing a few. Most of them I’m playing using The Academy (which is my most recent and is also the one that I’m starting my editing with) so you can learn a bit more about Tanya and Angela.
    • #AuthorConfession
    • #WeWriWIP
    • #characterchaos
    • #SmoreWords

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