The Last Book I Read

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Let’s keep it simple today. Write whatever strikes you when you read these words: The Last Book I Read.

The last book I physically held in my hands and read was actually a trilogy that I’m counting as one book.

Wait, why would I do that?

Quite simply, it should’ve been one book. The storyline flows like a single book. There’s no gap, no real reason to cut it. Since it’s all available now, I read it as a single book.

That trilogy was actually an older one from the late ’80s, early ’90s. It was a YA thriller by Christopher Pike, who was one of THE names for YA thrillers back then. I originally read this one in Junior High and I was curious how it would hold up. I don’t want to spoil anything, because this FULL review will be on my YouTube channel (along with everything else I read this month) on May 28th.

The last book I listened to on audiobook was the 9th (can you believe there are that many) book in the House of Night Series by PC and Kristin Cast. I read the first one of these back in April of 2014 and liked the characters enough to immediately download and read the second one. Since then it’s been a little slow going. This has become the series that I read occasionally and mildly enjoy. But I’m invested enough in the characters to finish it.

When it comes to ebook, I actually had to scour my Goodreads account to find out what the last one I read was. Turns out it was The Last Necromancer by CJ Archer back in January. It was a great title and one I recommend. But looking at it on Goodreads this morning alerted me to the fact that there’s a sequel. So, my TBR just got one book longer. Oh well.

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