May Wrap Up and June Goals

Before I jump into the numbers for this month I have a few quick things I want to mention.

  1. I’m aware the month isn’t over yet. My husband and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow (YAY) so I’m assuming not much will get done in the way of writing/editing. I’ve already filled those boxes on my little spreadsheet with zeros and calculated all of these accordingly.
  2. I had a HUGE win this month that won’t necessarily be reflected in the goals. If you follow the blog (or my Twitter) you already know I’ve been working on a Magical YA Fantasy tentatively titled The Academy. This book is about two kickass girls competing for one Magical job. The first draft was officially DONE last month. This month the first round of edits was finished. But the big WIN was that I think I figured out a solution to the biggest issue I’ve had with the story. I can’t go into much detail BUT it may involve adding a THIRD kickass girl to the lineup. This will create timeline issues that have to be worked out, but I’m EXCITED that I finally figured this out. I can’t wait to play around with it in June!

Alright, on to the data.

  • Write 1000 Words (per day)
    • I averaged 1,047 words per day
    • I wrote a grand total of 32,469 words this month
    • My best day was the 15th with a total of 3,181 words!
  • Read 150 Pages (per day)
    • I averaged 159 pages per day
    • I read a grand total of 14 books this month (watch my review wrap up here)
  • Edit 2 Chapters per day
    • I averaged 2 chapters per day
    • More importantly, I finished the first read through of the Magical YA Fantasy I’m working on
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to the YouTube on Tuesdays
    • I posted videos every Tuesday, have you subscribed yet?


  • I also had some WINS that weren’t necessarily goals.
    • I posted to my Facebook page at least 60% of the days (I’ve been neglecting my group there and wanted to remedy that) and posted to Twitter literally every day in May.
    • As previously mentioned, I’ve found a way to fix the Magical YA. Worth mentioning again because it’s HUGE, guys. HUGE.

I’m keeping these the same because it worked, it’s summer, and I still have 2 books to edit.

  • Write 1000 words (per day)
  • Read 150 Pages (per day)
  • Edit 2 Chapters Per Day
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to the YouTube on Tuesdays

Let’s also add take a minute/second/hour/day to revel in the release of PROJECTION (coming June 4th). Preorder your e-book here.


Is it bad that I haven’t fully decided on my June Writing Games yet?

I KNOW I’m doing #authorconfession over on Twitter (that’s my favorite). If #SmoreWords and #BooksAndDrinks continue, I’ll do those as well. I’m also planning to play along with #JuneWritingChallenge19 over on Instagram. Follow me on those platforms so you don’t miss any fun!

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