Organizing the Ideas

I’m coming to the end of this editing round for my current work in progress. I know that means it will soon be time to pick a new active WIP. So I spent the morning going through my (slightly more unorganized than my perfectionist self would like) creative writing files on my computer. I organized and re-categorized. I made new folders.

So. Many. Folders.

Here’s what I found:

-I have 6 blog posts I’ve drafted and haven’t shared yet. They’re good. They need tweaking, but they’re good. Those will come to the blog someday.

-My digital idea journal is now over 75000 words. Most of those, of course, are total garbage that will never see the light of day. But inspiration for countless characters has come from these pages. Who knows what other gold it holds?

-I’ve been searching through old things to find short stories or poems that may someday wind up in an anthology. I’ve already found 16, so that was a good start. I’m still digging.

-I looked through my more serious idea journal, the place where I put things that have more of a potential to become a full story. That has 15 stories in it.

You read that right, shocked cat. 15. Even I’m a little shocked by that number.

-I have 4 completed drafts that need me to revisit them someday to see how I really feel about them.

-I have 1 draft in serious editing mode right now (it earns the coveted title of work in progress).

I’m still no closer to knowing what I’ll work on next, but this was an interesting experience that once again reminded me that I really am a writer.

Drop a comment and let me know what number shocked you the most. Or, drop a comment and give me some of your numbers. I’d love to hear it!

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