4 Year Blogiversary

My blog is 4 years old today. In honor of the exciting event I’ve decided to revisit my ORIGINAL post, the one that started it all back when the site was first called DevelopingOurWings. Join me.

This may not have seemed like such a big opening step, but it was. Four years ago I was a teacher and that’s how people saw me. This was the first time I admitted anywhere that I saw myself differently.

Write all the time—Check

Scribble ideas for characters or stories—Check

Daydream about writing—Check



Make Money—CHECK (but, like, a small one)

I really was and I think the stack of four books (in four year) kind of proves that, right?

Enter option three: you have the talent so you make your own luck.

It turns out I have wings, who knew?

Wait, you knew. You knew the whole time.

Thanks for all the support over the last four years. We’re not done yet.

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