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Good morning everyone and HAPPY COVER RELEASE DAY!!!

That’s right, this morning the cover for the 3rd book in the Kingdom of Fraun series was released. We now know the title, TRAINING TUTOR, and the main character, TUTOR. All very exciting!

In honor of this amazing news, I want to take a few minutes to talk about the covers. Let’s go!

Breaking Eselda, 2018

Breaking Eselda

This is the first book in the series. It’s Eselda’s story.

The idea behind the covers was born here. Each of the stories in this series would follow a different main character. For this reason, I made the decision that each cover should give hints about the CHARACTER and their PERSONALITY or what they’re facing at the beginning of the book.

Eselda is the Princess of Enchenda when the book begins. Their realm wears GREEN. She’s pretty proud of being a Princess, even if she is a little spoiled. Her world is about to get ROCKED by secrets but at the start of the book she doesn’t know that. She’s a confident, somewhat arrogant, Princess. The cover captures that, I think.

Redeeming Jordyn, 2019

Redeeming Jordyn

This is the second book in the series. It’s Jordyn’s story.

Right away I knew I had to set out to make these covers VERY different. It was important not to confuse readers. When you have first person chapters in book 1, they’re Eselda’s. Book 2 starts with first person… but it’s Jordyn! I knew I needed to set the tone with the cover to avoid confusing anyone.

Remember my goal with this series was to capture the character’s personality and the struggles they’re facing at the beginning of the book.

Jordyn is the King of Renchenda. In Renchenda their color is orange. He made some mistakes in book one, things he believes he is being judged for. On this cover we see him standing on the edge of Renchenda (they’re known for big trees like you see on the left here) symbolically facing AWAY from Fraun. This cover was always intended to capture Jordyn’s fear and set a serious tone for the book.

You’ll notice Eselda was HUGE on her cover where Jordyn is small on his. There’s a reason for this too. Eselda, when the book begins, is very self focused. Jordyn isn’t. When his book begins he’s very Kingdom focused. That’s captured in his cover.

Training Tutor, coming 2020

Training Tutor

This will be the third book in the series. It’s Tutor’s story.

When we left Tutor, at the end of book 2, he was facing something he never expected to have to face.

(Possible spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the series)

Tutor is the king of Sarcheda now. Their color is red. But Tutor earned this seat on a technicality, he’s never felt like a part of them. This is the reason behind the decision to have red in the cover but not as the main color. In fact, Tutor doesn’t know where he fits. Hence the grey.

This cover captures Tutor symbolically facing not exactly toward us (like Eselda) or away from us (like Jordyn) but into a light. He’s facing the spotlight he’s been thrust into head-on, ready to tackle whatever responsibilities are thrown at him.

At the same time, our friend Tutor is walking away from his past and whoever he was before this book. He has to. That’s the reason for the person (on the right) walking away.

Tutor, in this book, has to accept what he’s been thrust into. He’s going to have to step up and put aside his own personal feelings for the sake of Fraun. That’s what I was going for with this cover.

That’s the story

You may not have realized how much symbolism and thought goes into covers! Thanks for reading about mine.

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OR the ebook versions are on Amazon for only $1.99.

ENJOY them and thanks for reading!

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