Let’s Play A Game

Today I’m posting a short scene, but I want to turn it into a GAME we can all play. I really hope you’ll play along.

Read the scene. Then, in the comments, drop a reason why the main character (the “she” used in the story) may be alone.

Try NOT to repeat an answer that’s already been used.

Simple rules, right?

Great… let’s go!

The cold nights were the worst. She could handle the nights when it was just her in the king sized bed if it was also warm. But when the cold stung her nose and her leg brushed the empty side of the bed and met only cold sheets that nipped at her skin, it was harder to stay asleep. On those nights, she’d often give up. She’s meander out of bed, wrap herself in a warm throw, and make a cup of tea. She’d curl up in her favorite chair and read a book. She kept a pair of red gloves beside the chair for this very reason. The gloves made it possible for her to hold the book and turn the pages without freezing her fingers. Many mornings she’d woken up curled on the chair, the book fallen to her side and the half empty mug of tea beside her, to the morning sun streaming in the window. It was easier to face the cold alone when you were in a chair made for one, that’s what she had decided. Being alone wasn’t the worst. Cold nights, those were the worst.

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  1. Our first answer (from Twitter @yotes4life)
    “She is alone because her partner is a professional hockey player and is on a 8 day road trip.”
    That’s 1.

  2. Another possibility coming in from the Twittersphere… @DonAllard suggests “She moved to Alaska.”
    We’re up to 3! Keep ’em coming!

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