One of my many tasks today is to listen to more of the Projection audiobook, which is done, to approve it for publishing. I take this kind of thing seriously, listening to each chapter and focusing on the language. I want to make sure the wording sounds right, the pacing works, and the voice matches the tone I was going for. 

Here’s what I’ve learned from that. 


Projection is still a cool concept. I’m listening to it as a reader today (which is weird) and I’m realizing that this is still a great thing to play around with. Sure, I know what happens, but the technology failing (as early as Chapter 3) draws me right in. 


Emma is a sarcastic gem. I think I forgot how much I love this main character. She’s one of the most witty characters I’ve ever written. The audiobook narrator NAILED that sarcasm. She delivers each line with the perfect inflection. I’m so pleased. 


When I wrote this book, the idea of playing around with memories and how we perceive them seemed like it was an undertone. I was worried it wouldn’t come across to readers because of the emphasis on the technology. It does come through. More than I remembered, which is amazing. 

Basically, for the second time, I’m falling in love with this book.

It turns out that having an audiobook narrated is a GREAT way to fall in love with your own writing. I cannot WAIT to finish this one and get the Projection audiobook available for all of you lovely people. Stay tuned.

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