2022 Book Review: Little White Lies

Little White Lies Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes YA Mystery/Thriller, 2018 from Little Brown, 390 Pages What I Didn’t Like: Sawyer’s mother. The main idea behind this story never would’ve happened if she was a slightly more attentive parent or was honest with her child. I’m a bit tired of that stereotype. Pacing was... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty Mystery/Thriller, 2018 from Flatiron Books, 453 Pages What I Didn’t Like: Genre confusion. Most of this novel reads like contemporary fiction with no mystery (and certainly no thrill) whatsoever. I checked (and rechecked) to make sure the genre was listed as mystery/thriller and it is. It’s... Continue Reading →

September Bonus Reads

If you're new around here, WELCOME. Basically, I'm behind on everything, the TBR is overflowing, and I can't read fast enough to get through everything I want to read. But I'm trying! So, buckle up, here’s some details on the backlist bonus reads for September.  Statistics Age Category: 3 YA, 1 A That's a LOT... Continue Reading →

May Reviews 1

I’ve finished my last books for April and read a few to start May off right. Let’s dig into them a little more.  Statistics Age Category: 3 YA, 2 A I was in a young adult mood this time around, apparently.  Author’s Gender: 4 F, 1 M Yup, again.  Genres: 2 Fantasy, 1 Science Fiction,... Continue Reading →


One of my many tasks today is to listen to more of the Projection audiobook, which is done, to approve it for publishing.

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