June Reviews 3

I’ve finished my last 5 book reviews for June. Let’s dive into the details.


Age Category: 2 YA, 3 A

Typical for me.

Author’s Gender: 3 M, 2 F

As close to half as you’ll get with 5 books. 

Genres: 1 Romance, 1 Mystery/Thriller, 1 Horror, 1 Science Fiction, 1 Contemporary

I was just all over the place with this one!

Indie Authors: 5 No, 0 Yes

I’m honestly not even sure how that happened. Wait, yes I am. The shield challenges came out to be traditional books this time and I had some ARCs. 

Total Pages Read: 1,566

Average Pages per Book: 313.2

Not too bad, I think. 

Ratings: 3, 3, 4, 4, 5

Not a bad book in the bunch!

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

Side Trip

  • This was an eArc from NetGalley. 
  • If you had let me read the synopsis and the first 50 pages of this book ONLY and then asked me, I would’ve (wrongfully) told you I thought I would hate this book. It seemed like it was going to fall into all of my least favorite tropes. I’m so glad it didn’t!
  • Preorder your copy here ahead of the July 7th release date. 


  • I was reading an autographed paperback copy my husband owns. Thanks for letting me borrow this one, honey!
  • You already know Tom is my FAVORITE author. This book, although technically mystery/thriller, has everything I love about his CONTEMPORARY stories. You’ll love the characters, the story line is possible, and the emotions are strong. GREAT book! 
  • Grab yourself a copy here

You May Now Kill the Bride

  • I actually won this one during the summer of 2019 for completing my summer reading challenge. I didn’t know Fear Street got a reboot until that exact moment. I was scrolling along the summer offers and … boom … teenage nostalgia. I ordered it right away. 
  • Teenage me had a serious hierarchy of horror. Goosebumps was a NO unless I was desperate. Fear Street was acceptable but only if Christopher Pike was checked out of the library already. Then I graduated to Stephen King when I’d read all the Pike books. I’m sure I only read a handful of the many offers of Fear Street. 
  • Grab yourself a copy of this dive back into the nostalgia from your teen years here


  • I was swapping between two versions for this read. One was the used paperback I had picked up from the bookstore and the other was the audiobook I borrowed from the library. Basically, this let me streamline this book and continue reading it no matter what I was doing. 
  • Before this read I had only read parts of this book. It shocked a lot of people that I had never read it cover to cover. Problem solved!
  • If you haven’t read this one yet, you should get your hands on a copy. Here’s one place to get one. 

What Was Mine

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook that I borrowed from my library. Fun fact: it is actually narrated by a full cast, with different narrators for each POV. I think that worked! 
  • People have a REALLY hard time filing this one under genre online. It’s marked thriller, mystery, crime drama, family drama, and even women’s fiction. I personally like the “contemporary” label the best. It’s the best way to wrap up all of those things without making you think you’ll get a big scare from this one (like a thriller). 
  • Grab yourself a copy of this one here

The Video

Check out the full reviews (and subscribe to the YouTube channel).

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