March Reviews, Part 3

The good news: I finished 5 more books, meaning I’ve relaxed about the goals because I made them all. I finished every book I set out to finish. 

The bad news: This happened fast, which overloads my poor video editor. 

Goal for April needs to be front load that reading so I can slow down at the end of the month. Yup, that’s what needs to happen. Is that what will happen? NO IDEA.

Anyway, here’s that information about the books you can only find here. 


Age Category: 1 MG, 4 A

No YA? Wow. I’d have to go back and check (which I could do but, let’s be honest, I don’t really feel like doing) but I think this MIGHT be the first round of 5 books so far in 2020 that hasn’t included at least one YA. 

Author’s Gender: 3 F, 2 M

Genres: 2 Contemporary, 1 Science Fiction, 1 Humor (Graphic Novel), 1 Fantasy

Pretty good mix. Totally representative of what I read around here, which is to say it’s a big grab bag with a little bit of everything. 

Indie Authors: 3 Yes, 2 No

This may be the first time I’ve read more indie than traditional in a round of 5. That’s pretty cool, actually. 

Total Pages Read: 1,288

Average Pages per Book: 257 (not bad)

Ratings: 2, 3, 3, 3, 4

Lot of niche books in this round. 

Publication Dates: 2012, 2013, 2019, 2019, 2020

Nothing too far down that backlist. Of course, I say that and THEN I realize that 2012 was 8 years ago. Now I feel old. 


To Be Honest

  • This was an ebook I received from the author. It wasn’t an official review request, so it wasn’t on the review schedule. But it earned the shield for highest rated book on my TBR. 
  • Because of the short amount of time this one had been on my TBR, I actually knew almost nothing about it. 
  • Support an indie author and grab yourself a copy of the book here

Clean Getaway

  • I had to order a copy of this one because the library is closed, the ebook format doesn’t always work well for illustrated middle grade books, and used bookstores just didn’t have it yet. So I got to figure out how the new order online and pick it up by appointment only procedure works for big box bookstores. 
  • I haven’t actually read any of the YA titles by Nic Stone. After reading this one, I think I want to. Her style seems like it would work well for the YA age category. 
  • Grab yourself a copy of the book here

The Martian

  • I borrowed this one from the library (before it closed) on a whim. It was one of those trips to the library where I have no self control. I have shelves full of books at home that I haven’t read. I have an electronic device full of books I haven’t read. I work at a used bookstore, so I can get copies of all kinds of things really cheap. Yet I go to a library and go crazy sometimes. It happens. Anyway, this one caught my eye and I realized I’d never read it. So I grabbed it (and 6 others, I think). 
  • I’ve seen the movie. I loved the movie. Is the book better? Yeah, I think so. Of course, the movie was also good. This may be one of those cases where I can honestly say they did a pretty good job and I like them both. 
  • Grab yourself a copy of the book here. Or the movie, if you prefer, here

The Chronicles of Henny, Volume 3

  • I won a giveaway (around December, I think) the author of this series was running on Twitter. I won a copy of Volumes 1-3 of this series. 
  • If I’m being honest, I slipped this one into March for two reasons. First, I needed a good laugh and Henny always provides that. Second, I needed a short book. 
  • Support and indie author and grab yourself a copy here

Cast in Blood

  • This was another title from the Facebook audiobook group I mentioned in a previous review companion post. Basically, if you missed that story, I joined a group to promote my own book and ended up reviewing a bunch of audiobooks. Yay free books!
  • The audiobook of this one was read slowly. Really slowly. This is not even a 300 page book and yet the audiobook is a staggering 13 hours long (for reference, in case you don’t read audiobooks, another similar length book in my library is just over 5 hours long). I had to turn it up to 2.5 times the regular speed (way higher than I normally do) just to have it seem the same.
  • Support indie authors and grab yourself a copy here. (Note: I normally link the same format I’ve enjoyed. For this one, because of that slow audiobook, I’ve linked the paperback. Of course, the choice of format is always up to you.)


Here it is, enjoy.

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