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I posted a tag video this morning on my YouTube channel answering some questions about me. Let’s get you a few fun behind-the-scenes facts for that video, shall we? I’ll drop the video at the end to ensure you don’t miss any of the fun. 

Fun Facts

  1. The original video for this was posted by a channel that I just love to watch. If you only subscribe to one channel it should probably be mine haha but if you subscribe to two (and why wouldn’t you) also add hers. 
  2. Tags are such a fun way for me to talk about myself. I talk about my books a lot, I talk about writing a lot, but I don’t often talk about me. The best part about this tag was that it was filled with questions (like camera set up) that I don’t think I’ve talked about before. 
  3. The editing cut in was fun! As you’ll hear in the video I enjoy getting other people on camera. My favorite part of any video will always be the times I cut away from myself and focus on someone else. 
  4. This video and the book reviews that dropped yesterday were actually filmed at the same time. I changed shirts so it wasn’t quite so obvious. Of course, I just ruined that magic by telling you that haha.
  5. I talked about the editor a few times in this video. When I first brought in the editor the agreement we talked about was a video a week (on Tuesdays). Then I/we decided to split off the book reviews (because otherwise that would be all I ever posted thanks to how fast I’m reading). So it became more like two a week, usually. He survived the end of the year chaos that included me deciding I wanted like 3 videos in 3 days. So how much am I really keeping an editor busy? Well yesterday I posted a book reviews video, today I posted this tag. There’s a video on the schedule for Tuesday and I’m 2 books away from needing another book review. Chances are I’ll be ready to film another book review video before the week is over. YIKES! Good thing this guy is fast.

Alright, that’s it for the fun facts. Here’s that video I kept mentioning. Have a look, it’s short and fun. Thanks for being here!

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