February Book Reviews, Part 2

Tonight another crop of 5 book reviews dropped on the YouTube channel. By now you know that means you get treated to a behind-the-scenes companion post. Enjoy!


Age Category: 1 Middle Grade, 1 YA, 3 Adult

Yay! Middle Grade. FINALLY! Yes, it’s only February. But I’m already a LOT of books into this year so I earned the right to say finally.

Author’s Gender: 1 Male, 4 Female

At this point I think I just have to accept that not looking at the gender of the author has skewed my data toward the females.

Genres: 2 Contemporary, 1 of each: Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Look at me reading romance. Actually, this romance was more of a historical fiction romance.

Indie Authors: 2 Yes, 3 No

Not bad.

Total Pages Read: 1565

Average Length Per Book: 313 (not bad, a little shorter than last year’s average)

Ratings: 2, two 3s, 4, 5

Not terrible.

Publication Dates: 2014, 2014, 2016, 2019, 2020

Nothing too far down the backlist this time. Weird that I ended up reading two that were published in 2014.

Book Notes that Didn’t Make the Video

Falling for Wolfe

  • This was a review request. I think I even worried I wasn’t going to love it (because romance isn’t really my thing) so I hesitated to take on the request. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t turn it down!
  • I didn’t mention it in the video but I actually like this cover.
  • Get yourself a copy here.

Like Nothing Amazing Ever Happened

  • I read this one as a ebook from NetGalley.
  • This book comes out in April of 2020. Preorder your copy here.

The Best Kind of People

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook which I borrowed from my library.
  • I mentioned in the video that this one started off on the wrong foot for me. It was really hard to come back from that. I actually think I may have liked this one better if I skipped that opening chapter. It was almost unfair to the author, I think. I brought too much baggage and too many opinions into that particular topic for the opening scene.
  • Anyway, get yourself a copy here.

The Revenge of Seven

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook which I borrowed from my library.
  • I can’t even remember how long ago I read the other books in this series. I just know that my library had their copy of this book stolen a long time ago. That meant they didn’t have a copy on hand. I didn’t love the series enough to buy it (that sounds bad) so I kept waiting. They got the audiobook-I checked it out!
  • Get yourself a copy here. Or, if you haven’t read the book that started it all you can get that one here.


  • I bought this one as an ebook on Amazon.
  • I actually know this author personally. My son plays hockey with her son. I’m really glad the book didn’t get a terrible rating. That would’ve made things awkward.
  • Get yourself a copy here.

Need a Review?

Remember, if you have recommendations based on something you read here or saw on the video drop the title in the comments. Especially if it’s a recommendation based on the 5-star book!

If you want me to review something you had a part in bringing into the world (either as an author or a publisher) you can submit that title here.

The Video

As always, thanks for being here and here’s that video I kept referencing.

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