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This is the first time I’ve posted someone else’s writing on the blog. Relax, I have a reason. My 10-year-old daughter likes writing stories. We’ve been talking about writing and practicing dialogue. Yesterday, she wrote out a story while waiting for hockey to start. She’s decided she wants to share the story and get some opinions. So… here’s her story.

Be cool, don’t steal, and feel free to give feedback.

The Queen

Once, long ago, in a kingdom far away there lived a lonely Queen. The Queen was happy but lonely. She often thought her life would be perfect if she had a pet to keep her company. So she got that pet to keep her from being lonely.

The pet was a monkey named Chester. He was a very cute monkey. He liked to swing by his tail from the chandelier in the ball room. The Queen had to yell at the monkey to stop. “Chester,” she would scold, “it isn’t very regal for you to be hanging there.”

Chester went to his room to play on his bed. The Queen finished helping her subjects and came up to say goodnight to her pet. Her pet kissed her goodnight. Then he rolled away from her and made a frustrated sort of squeak giving the impression he was unhappy. So the Queen said, “you can have a later bed time.”

Chester sat up in bed and grabbed a book from under his pillow. He was reading and making silly noises. At 8:00 he fell asleep.

The Queen snuggled down on the pillow beside Chester thinking how pleased she was with her perfect pet. She is happy and she is not lonely.

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