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A video dropped today on the YouTube channel that, honestly, doesn’t have much insider information missing. Basically it’s a video where I chat about some topics and answer some questions from the online community.

Here’s some details you maybe didn’t get in the video.

  • My kids were on Spring Break last week, which means the school closures didn’t really sink in for us until Monday.
  • It turns out the school district is basically considering this week a continuation of Spring Break. Meaning they’re not expecting kids to get online and do any significant homeschooling until next week.
  • In an attempt to get into some kind of routine, husband and I are getting them to do work on some of their online platforms that we know about.
  • My Secret Project (mentioned in the WIP section) is almost done. I’m still trying to decide if I plan to count this as the “something new” listed on my goals. It’s only 5000 words, which makes me lean toward not counting it. We shall see. If you have an opinion about that… comment below!
  • That bookstore I mentioned where you can score yourself a rare (or even signed) copy of some books: https://www.rbookmark.com/

Here’s that full video for your viewing pleasure.

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