53 Word Stories

Can you tell a flash fiction story in 53 words?

I challenged myself to do just that. Today, here’s 2 of my attempts.

Note: I have no idea where the number 53 came from. It’s just the number we’re using. It has no significance to me whatsoever.

Average Runner

The rubber makes a satisfying smack on the empty concrete path. The breeze rustles the leaves. Everything feels normal. More importantly, everything looks normal.

No one will suspect she’s running this morning, in her matching neon trainers and dry-fit clothes, for anything nefarious. Just another Mom fighting the flab.

Nothing to see here.

Interview with a Vigilante

Yes, I committed murder. 

But if you do the research you will find that person was guiltier than me. Because they took the wheel while their breath reeked of cheap vodka and ended the life of a student from my classroom.

What I did wasn’t a crime. It was payback, pure and simple.

Your Turn

Take the challenge.

Post a 53 word story right in the comments.

Have fun with it!

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