Quarter 1 Statistics

A new video dropped on YouTube today filled with all kinds of wonderful statistics and graphs for your viewing and analyzing pleasure.

Fun Facts:

  • I spent 2-3 hours analyzing this data and playing around with graphs before I settled on these ones. They were the most interesting (that is a subjective opinion, of course). 
  • Training Tutor is only 48 chapters. So, although that was the only project in editing this quarter, you can see I obviously made more than one pass through that book. I guess that just proves one really important thing about writing … getting the first draft done is literally only the beginning. 
  • Lately, thanks to the quarantine, we’ve been home all the time. That’s part of the reason why you keep seeing me pop around to new locations when I film, I think. It gives me the illusion of a change of scenery. But I was back in the “normal” location for this one to give us plenty of plain backdrop for the graphs.
  • If you listen carefully you may hear that happy desert bird again, softly singing in the background. It’s wasn’t a rainy day when I filmed this. This time I guess he’s just singing because we’re all quarantined and out of his space!

As always, if there’s statistics (reading or writing) that you’d be interested in LET ME KNOW! I’d be happy to try and pull it for you. 

Now, without further ado,


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