July 2020 Wrap Up

July 2020 has come and gone. The official wrapup video just dropped over on the YouTube channel. Let’s dive into some behind-the-scenes information, shall we?


  • July has been rough, even if the numbers don’t show it. I think I knew that because my social media posting was down and the only videos I got up were the planned and basic ones. I even struggled to get through the books I needed to read this month. Honestly, there’s absolutely no reason for my little slump here. I’m good, I promise. Everyone just has those weird months, yeah? 
    • That was the opposite of a FUN fact, wasn’t it? Oops. Sorry!
  • I’m getting more confident with the filming things. How do I know this? Because we’re able to get these filmed in fewer takes now and less of the raw video ends up getting cut. YAY!


27377 words written (so far)

  • I’ll post the real/official number on the last day of the month over on my Instagram
  • Highest writing day was the 14th when I wrote 1873 words.
  • Overall, 11 days were above 1500 words and an additional 4 days were above 1000. 
  • So far I’m averaging 1001 words per day in July.


For the record I am using all the books mentioned on the wrap up video for this analysis because, as I mentioned, I WILL finish those last ones!

Genre Count

Horror is way up there this time, YAY! Honestly, looking at the three books I read in horror only 2 of them really were. The other should’ve been classified as Mystery/Thriller but I digress. This isn’t a bad group of books when you look by genre. I like to branch out a little and I’m glad these graphs keep showing that.

Star Ratings

Using only the ones I’ve actually finished at the time of posting this, here’s how the month breaks down. Half of what I read was GREAT, earning 4 or 5 stars. That’s amazing! It was sad to see problematic books making a jump up from last month, but I suppose that happens too. Was that related to my feeling like this was a reading slump month? Maybe. It’s hard to slog through problematic books sometimes.

36% of what I read this month was independently published

While that’s not terrible, it’s not my best either. I don’t normally mention this, but it jumped out this month that 18% of the books I read this month were traditionally published with small presses, which is cool too. 


  • This month felt off for me but I managed to get things done and THAT is a WIN.


Check out the rest of the 2020 goals and how I’m looking overall. 

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