Bookish Controversy

Remember those bookish controversy videos? The ones where I picked some topics the Writing Community gave me out of a cup and gave my opinion on them? Well … I did another one. 

  • This one is the LAST of the 16 topics we started with. So if you want another one, you’ll have to drop more topic suggestions. 
  • I’m NOT sitting on the floor in front of my bookshelf for this one. My couch is in front of my bookshelf, so it has to be moved to do that. We didn’t feel like moving furniture. Call us lazy if you want haha. 
  • The dog doesn’t TECHNICALLY make an appearance in this one. Although if you turn up the sound you’ll probably hear his nails clacking on the flooring a few times because he was pacing around. 

Enjoy the video, comment on it, and then drop some more controversy ideas!

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