Quarter 3 Statistics

Firstly, my apologies for posting TWICE in one day. The NaNo post was supposed to go up yesterday but LIFE happened. So, they ended up both being today. I’m sorry if that’s confusing, annoying, or frustrating. It doesn’t happen often!

Anyway, a new video dropped on YouTube today filled with all kinds of wonderful statistics and graphs for your viewing and analyzing pleasure.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes info for you:

  • The doggo is back click-clacking in this video. Did you hear him? 
  • I did make a little error when talking about my pages read in a month. It’s corrected in text on the screen but WOW wouldn’t it be cool if I could read as fast as my error thought I could?
  • As always, I’m super hard on myself, so these stats were a bit hard for me. Whatever … it is what it is, right?

As always, if there’s statistics (reading or writing) that you’d be interested in LET ME KNOW! I’d be happy to try and pull it for you. 

Now, without further ado, THE VIDEO

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